Nail Fungus Clinic

Expert Solutions for Clear and Healthy Nails

Welcome to the Nail Fungus Clinic at Yarm Podiatry, your trusted destination in Yarm for professional care and effective treatments for nail fungus. Fungal nail infections can be persistent and bothersome, affecting the appearance and health of your nails. We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions to help you achieve clear and healthy nails.

Whether you require fungal nail removal, innovative laser treatment, or consultation services, our clinic offers personalised treatments tailored to your needs.

Treatment 1: Fungal Nail Removal with Local Anaesthetic (For Severe Fungal Nails)

For severe cases of fungal nail infection that have not responded to conservative treatments, fungal nail removal may be the recommended course of action. Our skilled podiatrist will perform the procedure under local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. With precision and expertise, they will gently remove the affected nail, eliminating the source of the infection. Following the procedure, we will provide detailed post-operative care instructions to facilitate healthy nail regrowth.

Treatment 2: Nail Fenestration Treatment for Fungal Nail

Nail fenestration is a minimally invasive treatment option for fungal nails that have proven resistant to other therapies. During this procedure, our podiatrists create small holes or channels in the affected nail, allowing topical antifungal medications to penetrate deeper and target the infection directly. By enhancing the efficacy of antifungal agents, nail fenestration treatment promotes healthier nail growth and aids in the clearance of the infection over time.

Treatment 3: Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

Laser therapy is a cutting-edge and highly effective approach for treating fungal nail infections. Our Nail Fungus Clinic offers advanced laser treatments that target and eliminate the underlying fungal organisms without causing harm to the surrounding tissue. This non-invasive procedure is virtually painless and typically requires multiple sessions for optimal results. Laser treatment represents a safe and efficient option to achieve clearer and healthier nails.