Yarm Podiatry is currently via appointment only and as such bookings should be made by phone or via booking online.

We are happy to carry out a diabetic foot assessment as part of any treatment. Please ask at the time of booking.

For prices for MSK foot manipulation, shockwave therapy, Injection therapy/Dermal fillers (coming soon), Verruca needling and Orthotics please ask at reception or call us.

Routine Podiatry/Chiropody
A standard 30-minute appointment covering general foot care including nail trim and removal of any hard skin or corns followed by an emollient cream application.

Routine Podiatry (First Visit): £50
A longer appointment covering assessment and general foot care is required for all new patients. This is required for Standard routine Podiatry such as corns, callus, nail care etc.
Routine Podiatry: £45
Concession: £30
Couples: £75
One Corn Removal: £30
Consultation Only: £25
Foot and Ankle Injury Treatment: REMY Laser/Acupuncture
Dermal Fillers for Painful and Repetitive Corns/Callus

REMY Laser Treatment
Patients need approval for REMY laser treatment and cannot book directly from the site. REMY Laser consultation £15 for 15mins (Musculo-skeletal/Verruca/Wart).

45 mins per appointment.
REMY Laser Individual: £60
REMY Laser: £160 (Block of 3)
REMY Laser Verruca: £175 (Includes follow up)

Nail Surgery with Local anaesthetic
Removal of Nail under Local anaesthetic.
60 minutes per appointment.
Please note a consultation with the Podiatrist needs to take place by phone or in person prior to booking. To call to book on 01642 921014.

1 toe: £295
Additional toes: £85
(Includes 3 follow up appointments and dressing packs)

Verruca Clinic
Specialist verruca Clinic including treatments with caustics (Acid) and Cryotherapy (Freezing) treatments for stubborn warts and verruca using Laser and Electrosurgery. Please Note Electrosurgery requires Local Anaesthetic.

Verruca Consultation: £25
Verruca First Treatment: £40 (60 Mins)
Verruca Follow-up: £25 (30 Mins)

Cryotherapy for Verucca Treatment

Cryotherapy First Visit: £60 (subsequent £45)

Laser for Verucca Treatment

Laser Treatment: £190 for 2 treatments
Follow-up Treatments: £60 each

Faulkners Needling for Verucca Treatment

Faulkners Needling: £295 (pricing including two follow-ups)

Ingrown Toenail Clinic
Specialist ingrown toenail clinic including conservative treatment without local anaesthetic or, depending on the severity of your case, full nail surgery with a local anaesthetic.

Consultation: £25
Conservative Treatment First Visit: £45 (one toe) and subsequent visits £35
Additional Toes: £10 each
Full Nail Surgery: £296 including all follow-up treatments until healed and discharged
**Please note that a consultation is required

General Treatments

Nail Fungal Testing Culture: £50

REMY Laser

3 Treatments: £190
Single Treatment: £70

30 minutes (POA)

Podiatric Acupuncture
Needling of the Lower Limb
30 minutes (POA)

Luxury Medi-Pedi 'Podicure'

Shockwave Therapy
30 minutes (POA)


Biomechanical Assessment
A full Biomechanical assessment of the Lower Limb prior to dispensing orthoses. Patient to bring shorts if possible.
70 mins

Corrective Orthoses

Prescription Orthotics
Using the state of the art Foot-Balance Machine, Prescription Orthotics are designed and produced
30 minutes+

Coming Soon

Nail Fenestration